Thursday, November 30, 2006

Not Right For Me

When agents say in those hated form letters that your project is "not right for me," well, they also mean it when they tell you it could be right for someone else.

Tonight, I pulled a very flat SASE from my mailbox. An agent, who shall remain nameless so that this is not construed as a "neiner-neiner" post, sent me a very belated reply on a query letter I'd done, oh, eons ago.

It was in regards to THE RED THREAD (which is now being pubbed under THE BABY WAIT). And yes, it was one of those form R's.

In early July, this form R would have crushed me. By then, I'd been waiting for it for ages ... had even nudged the agent to no avail.

But in late July, two agents I really respected said I had "voice" and they said it in front of God and everybody at an RWA workshop. One of those agents, Miriam Kriss, eventually signed me.

And of course, having sold the book in question makes ALL the ouchies go away. I'd clean forgotten that this lone query was still out there.

So if you have one or a ton of those form R's, tuck 'em away and keep submitting. You'll get there. It's only a matter of time ... and a good bit of sheer, south-Georgia cussedness.

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