Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My book's on the shelves!

I have news! I've wanted to share it, but unfortunately Blogger and I have had a disagreement about whether I should move to the New and Improved Blogger. Grrr.

Blogger won.


Onward to news: My book, THE BABY WAIT, is now on the shelves! People -- complete and total strangers -- are picking up my book, turning it over, reading the blurb, flipping open to the first page, and ...

Eeek. I don't know what's next. Will they buy it? Or will they say, "Eh, not for me."

Oh, well -- it's a treat for me to see it on the shelves! My friend Cindy Miles spotted it first -- and called me to share the good news!

Later that day, I took Kate and my dh to see it -- and while I was standing there, I sold and autographed two books -- to complete and total strangers! Yay!

More news: I am doing several signings, basically because I am a nut and won't believe what experienced writers tell me -- it's a waste of time. I'm a hard-headed person and I have to learn this for myself.

On Saturday, April 28, from 10 a.m. -12 noon., I'll be at the Vidalia Wal-Mart. That's during the middle of the Vidalia Onion Festival, so come for the air show and stop by Wally-World to see me.

Later that day, (April 28) from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m., I'll be signing at the Dublin Wal-Mart.

I know, I know, two signings in one day -- I must be a loon, right?

On May 5, you can catch me at the Statesboro, Georgia Wal-Mart -- home of the GSU Eagles! I'll be there from 10 a.m. until noon.

On May 19, I'll be signing at the Barnes & Noble at the Forum in Norcross -- I believe that signing will begin around 2 p.m. I know I'll be signing with one other pubbed author of GREAT talent -- Berta Platas, whose CINDERELLA LOPEZ I just absolultely loved!

On June 23, I'll be signing with loads of talented ladies at the Savannah B&N -- I'll update you on who all will be there soon, I promise! (Especially now that Blogger and I have come to an understanding!)


Stephanie said...

I know all your signings will go great. I am so proud of you!!

ERiCA said...

Aaaaaahhh!!! What a great feeling. Congratulations!

t is for trackles said...

Hi Cynthia, I'm an Aussie reader of Harlequin Mills & Boon romances, I've been reading them for nearly 30 years, and last night I lay in bed til 2.30am finishing your wonderful book. I have 2 biological children so I have no experience in adoption but I felt every word and seriously I bawled my eyes out through the last few chapters and dreamed about it all night. It was so different from the usual romance - it deserves to be up there o the best sellers list, I just can't tell you how involved and moved I was by all the wonderfully flawed characters and their incredible journey. Thank you for writing this brilliant novel. And congratulations! I can't wait for your next one!