Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Kicking and Screaming

I blame it ALL on Tawna Fenske, my CP. That, and I got tired of not being able to reply to all the cool things I saw on Twitter when I was lurking.

But yeah. I'm in. I'm a twit. (The Husband likes the sound of THAT confession!)

And I had no idea just how many Cynthia Reeses there were out there. I had to use a weird username (@cynthiarreese)in order for Twitter to finally accept me.

I knew there was a realtor Cynthia Reese. She was the one who got the .com domain name before I first made the leap to a webpage, and so I had to make do with a .net domain name.

But apparently there are lots and lots of Reeses out there that I had no idea existed. I wonder: do they have more exciting lives than I do? Or do their lives look pretty much like mine?

I'm not one to trust technology or go whole hog for the newest trend. It's not that I'm a Luddite.

Nope. I'm just a coward. Shoot, half my fear of getting on Twitter was that I'd hash up the profile and make some seriously fatal mistake. I almost chucked the whole idea when I couldn't figure out what name to put as my user name.

I could have gone with cynreese. But I mean, really. I've just sent in an inspirational romance proposal to my editor. Somehow I don't think a name that sounds like "sin" would endear me much to her. :-)

The thing that gave me confidence (besides the idea that Tawna would yodel, "Ch-ch-chicken!" if I didn't do it) was you. Your comments. Your loyalty. When I put my heart out there, when I shared the bumps in the road and the tricks that I've learned, you were there. And I found I wanted to know more about you guys -- that I didn't want to have to wait until your next blog posts.

So please. Go find me in Twitterville. Hold my hand. Shoot, put me in a straight jacket so that I don't do something very stupid.


out of the wordwork said...

Yay, Cynthia! I'll be checking out your twitters now. It really isn't that bad, in fact it's been a wealth of info and a lot of fun meeting people. But it can be distracting so make sure it doesn't become a time suck.'
See ya in twitter land!

Mia said...

LOL. I like Twitter. It's fun to use, but I think it's probably a bit overrated. That said, I still enjoy reading people's tweets, and getting to know people better :)

Linda G. said...

I was dragged kicking and screaming to Twitter by a friend of mine--I just knew I was going to hate it. Surprise! I really love it. It's just plain fun.

I look forward to reading more of your tweets. :)

Piedmont Writer said...

Sorry, I don't Tweet. And don't think I will for a very long time, if ever. I can barely blog and those of my friends who see me on Facebook say, "When are you going to update?"

There's nothing to say, why should I update?

Cynthia Reese said...

Nelsa, Mia and Linda, I just hope I don't embarrass y'all!

And Anne, I was EXACTLY like you. That was another reason I had dragged my feet - would I have nothing to say and take all day saying it? We'll see how I manage my time (Twitter's going to be the next-to-my-last priority, with FB being my last) and if I have anything interesting to say.

Anonymous said...

Yay, welcome to Twitter! It's such a time-eating, but there are so many good things on there. :D

Tawna Fenske said...

Welcome to Twitter!

I, too, was dragged kicking and screaming (in my case, it was my agent who did it). I didn't know much about Twitter, and thought it was just a toy used by Hollywood socialites and people with nothing better to do.

But then I read Shel Isreal's amazing book TWITTERVILLE, followed by Joel Comm's TWITTER POWER, and discovered that Twitter is actually a pretty phenomenal business tool. I don't know that I'll ever do Facebook, as that seems to be more of a social site for friends and family, but Twitter is much more functional from a marketing/networking standpoint. Terrific for authors in all stages of their careers!

Tawna (or in Twitterland, @tawnafenske)

Cynthia Reese said...

Sandy, I haven't wasted too much time on it today ... dayjob to-dos! GRRR! But it will get better.

And Tawna, I forgive you. I think. :-)

Jamie D. said...

LOL - Glad you joined up, and glad you "found" me there. Twitter is one of my favorite spots, even though I can't be on too much during the day. The ultimate community, really.

Welcome! :-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Twitter. When you get more comfortable with it, join the many writing chats they have. They're quite informative, with a solid group of various publishing and writing people participating.

Stephanie Thornton said...

Good for you! I've tried to make the Twitter leap, but only half-heartedly. I have enough distraction as it is!

India Drummond said...

Welcome to the Twitterverse! Just followed you today.

BillRicksofSoperton said...

Dare I tweet? Would it become as addictive as facebook. Since I focus on Soperton past, present, future, locally and anyone in the world who has a Soperton connection, would it help me?

Cynthia, do I have the ability to write that short?