Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kitteh haz plots? Does Kitteh haz fur?

It is plain scary when my kitties get along.

We brought Max home when The Kiddo was three, after an Unfortunate Incident with a kitten and our big overgrown Chocolate Lab, who mistakenly thought she could use said kitten as a toy. The Kiddo was distraught, and in a moment of weakness, I said, "Don't worry, baby, you can have a kitty."

Max was supposed to be a white purebred Persian, but The Kiddo and The Husband picked a lanky orange tabby half-breed because he needed a home. I came back from Christmas shopping to find said kitty lurking under our tree. Later, he discovered the tree was great for roosting. I did not, at least that year, bother with an angel. Why should I? I had a real-live orange tabby.

Six months later, after Max thought he was king of the castle, I returned from a RWA convention, the first time I'd ever been away from The Kiddo. The very moment I walked in the door, a mom of a friend of The Kiddo's called me up and said the magic words, "I have a stray Siamese kitten who needs a home."

I was picturing the classic seal-point, so The Kiddo and I got in the car, headed over to her friend's house, and there was a tiny runt of a white cat with toasted coconut ears, paws and tail. I had myself a flame-point -- that's a Siamese on steroids. The Kiddo named him Pete because she wanted a name she could spell.

Max is an affectionate boy, whose main issue is that he will NOT drink water from a bowl. He demands fresh water -- and assures himself it's fresh by overseeing its dispensation out of the tub faucet.

Pete has intimacy issues. He's the only cat I've ever seen who doesn't have a magic spot under his chin -- his is on his forehead, midway between his ears. If he wants attention, he is very naughty and nips. I had completely forgotten this tendency of Siameses when I agreed to adopt the rascal.

They tolerate each other. They don't hiss and spit unless they're truly out of sorts, and Pete likes to wait for Max to go out the door first (Siamese deviousness -- he knows that if a bear's out there, the first one out has issues.) They also do a weird changing of the guard -- one will come in the house when the other goes out, and sometimes Pete will meow by the door to let us know that Max wants in. Pete is smart enough to knock and once scared the be-jeebers out of us by climbing up and ringing the doorbell when we wouldn't answer.

Tonight, though, I walked into our bathroom and found both of them within six inches of each other -- a miracle. Pete was on the ledge of the tub, and Max had the prime real-estate, the closed toilet lid directly under the cool jet of the AC vent. They looked a little startled and embarrassed, and I had to wonder: were they plotting something?

I sure hope the plotting does not involve the demise of the Permed Dachshund -- the one critter they both heartily agree on.


Mia said...

I hate cats (bad, bad experiences with them) but I have to admit, yours sound nicer and cute-ish ;) I'm pretty sure pets do plot out stuff when we're not looking.

I have two German Shepherds, and ohhh... the trouble they get into. We bought a highly trained German Shepherd this year to guard our house, and our first week with him, he climbed over the dogs' 12 foot fence. Scared the heck out of me. I think we forgot that, oh, yeah, he actually IS trained...

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Piedmont Writer said...

The kitties sound sweet. And it's not only Siamese that bite when they want attention. Monster Baby is full of little holes from Henry attacking her, playfully of course, (I hope). "Mommy, Henry bit me again, make her stop."

Summer said...

I gifted my in-laws with a Munchkin cat a year ago; he's just a doughboy who lives to be in your lap, getting both-hand attention.

However, they already had a female cat who is hell on wheels. To say that she doesn't like the male is quite the understatement. Also, the male came front and back declawed, and she is fully clawed.

They usually avoid each other like the plague, but on a few rare occasions, I have caught them nose to nose, and I really wonder what's going on. Are they talking? Are they secret friends when no one is around?

PS: I love the Flamepoint color markings. So beautiful! (but I have a weakness for orange tabbies)

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

My kittehs regularly engage in plotting. Also: they worship at the altar of the A/C vent. But they haven't figured out how to ring the doorbell! That may have saved one from becoming a kitty popsicle that one unfortunate evening in January.* :)

*no kittehs were harmed in this story

Stephanie Thornton said...

Hmmm... I have another kitty who is devious, spawn of Satan actually. It's a good thing the three of them can't all get together to plot more naughtiness!

Kelly Breakey said...

I love cats. How great are they. When I am sad they cheer me up. When I am sick they comfort me. When I am happy they are too. I love my cats and am so happy to have them.