Tuesday, September 12, 2006

So ... Do You Like It?

See all the cool new stuff on my blog? See? Doesn't it look pretty?


Now before you guys call me vain, I have to say I had NOTHING to do with making the changes -- save for ordering them up. My buddy/CP/talented-writer Steph Bose did my redecorating! It's like when someone compliments my daughter's looks, I say, "Yep, she IS beautiful -- and I can say that, because I had nothing to do with them!"

The progress bar to the right shows the sorry truth -- I am STILL not finished with UP FROM ROCK BOTTOM. But I am further along than I thought, so yay!

Within the world of category, I have some hot news! Peggy Webb, a NEXT author, has been nominated for a Pulitzer! Yeah, a Pulitzer -- you know that thing Margaret Mitchell snagged for GONE WITH THE WIND? And the thing Harper Lee picked up for her book TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD?

And, yes, Peggy Webb's nomination was for DRIVING HER CRAZY, a category paperback! I don't know her, but, WTG, Peggy!

1 comment:

tammy said...

Love the new stuff Cynthia!

I've thought about getting a progress bar - but My progress is soo slow, it's just depressing. ;-) Maybe I should think about it again. Really like the calendar, looks like a great place to relax!
I hadn't heard about the Pulitzer, that's really cool.