Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Who knew a paragraph here and there would be so impossible?

Not me... but I do now, what with a book that is finally in the hands of my editor-- yay -- and then on the other hand, sheer terror!

But I did want to share my early Valentine's Day present with whomever might still be tuning in ...

Igot my cover! Isn't it a beaut? My hero looks just like Joe, and Sara looksa whole bunch like some actress that I can't place ... any guesses or isit all just in my head?

As an added plus, I'm actually on Amazon.com ... eek!

Of course, I would highly recommend you buy any online copies from, say, eHarlequin.

I am also considering doing a contest giveaway ... would anybody be open to, say, a lovely batch of Supers?


Erin said...

Nice cover, Cynthia. It must be thrilling to finally see it.
I'm still waiting on mind.


Erin said...

I meant to say "on mine." :)

Erin said...

You've been tagged!
On your blog, you'll need to review 6 to 10 weird things about yourself.
This is from Theresa AKA Erin Patrick, a friend from the Harlequin yahoo group.