Saturday, February 17, 2007

Six to Ten Weird things about myself

Teresa has tagged me, so I guess I should honor her tag and figure out six to ten weird things about me.

I'm a fairly boring person, so I don't know that I can come up with three things, but I'll try.

Hmmm ...

Weird Fact One: I'm only 4'10" tall. That means I go through life at arm-pit level to everyone else. So PLEASE, for the vertically challenged around you, wear your anti-perspirant.

Weird Fact Two: I wear a size three and a half ladies shoe ... which means that I have a heckuva time finding shoes to wear.

Weird Fact Three: Something about my elbow, shoulder or wrist joints is super-flexible, and I can rotate my arms in a way that makes my dh gag.

Weird Fact Four: I have not very much feeling in my left big toe. I kid you not, I can't even test bath water with it.

Weird Fact Five: I'm dyscalculic. I'll let you guys look that word up. Consider it your vocabulary word of the day.

Weird Fact Six: Speaking of dictionaries, when I was little, on rainy days when I had exhausted all the books in the house, I actually DID read the dictionary. (Yes, I know I'm weird. Isn't that the point of this exercise?)

OK, that's about it. I can't think of another weird thing that wouldn't make you guys yawn with boredom. I'm back to Art Fact Sheets that are due on Feb. 22 (Happy Birthday, George Washington!) and proposals that my editor is asking for as she reads over WHERE LOVE GROWS (which is, by the way, the official title of my book that will come out in in October.)

Oh, hmmmh, I suppose I should tag some other folks. I'm on a 9.2 version of Mac OS, which means my browser is giving me fits (yes, I know, I know, I should upgrade ... but that comes after the dayjob, the writing job, the kid, the hubby and the laundry -- and notice dusting isn't mentioned ANYWHERE in that list.) So use my links to my favorite blogs to get there from here.

I tag Cindy Miles and Tanya Michaels and Amy Knupp. All three of them are probably swamped, but they'll get to it eventually.


Mette said...

Have you checked out :)

Cynthia Reese said...

Mette, I had no idea such a forum existed! Thanks! Took a peek at it, saw the "rich fantasy life thread," and thought, "Yup, that's me! That's the way (and the REASON) I write books!"


LOL, Cynthia! "I'm swamped but will get to it eventually" has sort of become my motto...but you're right, I'll get to it Thursday. Good luck getting the writing done and even though I know I've already told you, I LOVE the cover!