Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Wii Matter

Last fall, The Kiddo wrote a fairly persuasive letter to us about all the benefits of her acquiring a Wii for Christmas. The letter talked about she would get exercise and how it would be a way we could do things as a family. Oh, and it included a whole mess of "please-please-pleases."

Needless to say, The Husband and I fell for it hook, line and sinker, and we gave the Guy in The Big Red Suit the okay to bring one in on his sleigh. Rudolf wanted to keep it. Guess Santa knew who would win THAT tusslin' match if it involved The Kiddo's Wii.

Fast-forward all these many months. I give the thing regretful looks as it silently reproaches me for not sticking to the yoga promise I made to Wii Fit. I sometimes join The Kiddo for a spirited tennis doubles match, and on occasion, I will be the low man on the bowling family trio.

The Husband, though, loves it. He and The Kiddo are particularly enamored with Wii Golf. Why, I don't know, because that's one sport that he USED to flip right on past.

It's not a casual match-up between them, either. It's a to-the-death fight, with both of them providing sound effects that definitely blow up the golf-clap decibel meter. You'd think they were fighting it out for the honor of donning the Green Jacket, the way they muscle each other around that virtual golf course.

The Husband: Aaack! The ball hit the flag pole and bounced off!

The Kiddo (in her most helpful tone): You should have hit it a little softer.

(Thoughtful, respectful silence as The Kiddo lines up her shot, and then) The Husband: I wouldn't do that if I were you. See? The wind? Coming from the northeast? That's pretty stiff.

(Long debate ensues about wind angles, spin, choice of club, followed once again by silence and then a good sound whack)

The Kiddo (anguished): It went in the water! You told me the wind --

The Husband (laughing in his most evil tone) You should have listened to me and put more spin on it. Now I'm a stroke ahead.

The Kiddo: Hmph.

The Husband: (whacks ball, says something that sounds too much like a muffled swear word): Bogey.

The Kiddo (laughing in her most evil tone): You should have never tried that short cut through the trees. This hole is SO easy. (whacks ball) Ooooh! A BIRDIE! Oooh, Mommy! I got a BIRDIE! Wait? That was the last hole? Mommy, Mommy, I won! I won! I beat him!

The Husband: Hmph. I was doing okay until that last hole. I led every one.

I swear, this is a regular occurrence in our household. Now there is absolutely not a single sport The Husband won't watch on ESPN (yes, he even watches the lumber jack competitions), and they both look disappointed when they shout for me to come witness their holes in one and I don't exhibit proper awe and amazement. Each has such a feat to his or her credit, feats that they extol about with as much detail as if they had actually been on a golf course.

You know, maybe Rudolf SHOULD have kept the thing. That evil Santa ... he must have known what a Wii would do.


Jayne said...

I could so picture that conversation! They sound well suited. :)

No wii's in my household yet but have heard lots of humorous stories about people bowling the control through the TV screen - humorous only in detached retelling I feel!

Piedmont Writer said...

Now Cynthia, you must remember that not all children have fathers who love them enough to get off the couch to play with them. I didn't and my daughter doesn't either. Please look on their exhuberance with a grateful heart because I'll tell you what, I'd give anything in the world to go back in time and have a relationship with my dad the way your daughter does with hers. And if I'd made smarter choices my daughter would have a loving caring man for a father instead of the dead-beat that he is.

Jennifer Shirk said...

I played the Wii initially when we got it, but my hubby and kidlet LOVE it and as a result are much better than I am at the games.
Hubby's fav is frisbee golf. :)

Jessica Lemmon said...

I love my Wii! Though, I blame its non-use in the summer use to fabulous weather. I suspect we'll be on it again come fall/winter.

PS - I did my blog on golf today too. I saw your photo of Wii golf on my blog roll and couldn't believe it! LOL

Kelly Breakey said...

Now I am thinking I want one.

Hmm. You are a bad influence. Maybe Santa will bring me one this year.

Mia said...

My family got a Wii for Christmas last year. I'm the best at Mario Kart and hard to beat, thank you very much. The other games? Yeah, OK, not so much... ;) It is fun when you get the whole family involved, though. Love how everyone has tips on how you should position your wrist when you bowl, or how maybe you should tilt your bow up a smidgen in archery ;)

Tawna Fenske said...

I'm mystified by all the games kids seem to have these days (and a little disturbed when I see some of the hand gestures involved in playing them). Sounds like they're having a good time though, so that's what matters!


Cynthia Reese said...

Jayne, I don't know who's the biggest kid!

Anne, I treasure each and every giggle that comes out of the living room -- the best compliment I can give The Husband is that he worships the ground The Kiddo walks on. I don't think it's too late for that fantastic father figure to find his way to someone as special as you, and I sure hope you will get to hear giggles from The Monster Baby the way I hear giggles from The Kiddo.

Jennifer, I'm glad I'm not the only mom on the Wii Bench!

Lemmony! Wow! More weird vibes! What ARE we drinking?? Got to check out your golf blog!

Kelly, I have to admit, they're addictive critters ... I really do feel better when I do the yoga program that comes with Wii Fit.

Mia, I can see you polishing up your Mario Kart trophy to a brilliant shine!

Tawna, The Kiddo and I have a bargain -- if her eyes are beginning to look too rectangular from too much screen time, she has to earn time with the Wii or the television by reading a good old-fashioned, batteries completely optional BOOK. :-)

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

I was at my brother's house last weekend and his son had bought a Wii. The kids weren't home so the adults had a blast. That's the best bowling I've done in years. And golf, can you say BIRDIE. It was totally awesome. Fun, fun, fun!

Anonymous said...

Sigh. I miss Wii Sport. Ours got ruined. We love the golf and bowling, and I kick everyone's butt in tennis! The husband will tell you different, but he lies. LIES, I tell you.