Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'm On The Web!

Yup, I'm really on the world wide web! My website is up and running, thanks to the patient folks over at Stonecreek Media!

Of course, the first thing that I did once I checked it out was to google myself -- and it's amazing what turns up! My blog shows up ... but so does a few more Cynthia Reeses ... there's a California realtor, an Atlanta make-up artist, a softball player ... my doppelgangers have quite interesting lives.

I do wonder what they'll think when a book comes out in April with their (my) name on it!

What's the funkiest thing you've ever turned up when you googled yourself? (Or somebody you know?)


Amy said...

Hey, Cynthia, your site should come up when you google after a few days or weeks. No idea what decides how long it takes but it'll get there.

Someone with my name is some kind of scientist or biologist if I remember right. We don't have much in common, I'm thinking. lol

Stephanie Bose said...

Hey, congrats on getting it up!!! Did you notice there's a big space, though, before the text begins? Looks like it's empty until you scroll down...


tammy said...

Love the ladybugs!

I have a fun time googling myself. LOL. The person right under me usually is an adult party planner type person. My favorite though is the one where there was a woman named tammy johnson that beat a man with his own prosthetic leg. Not so funny for him, I'm sure - but hilarious!

Tawna Fenske said...

There aren't many people out there with my first name, let alone the combination of first and last, so I mostly just see ME when I google myself.

Congratulations on getting the site up. Looks great!


blueberri said...

Hey Cynthia! WOOHOO! You made it! :) This is so cool! I bet you're still on a high. I have to visit your site. I hear it's great. I can remember when you were first trying to design one.

Did you know I won chapter two of the current Desire RR? We miss you on the NEXT thread.

{{{HUGS!}}} I miss you!


Hugs, Nancy

Anonymous said...

Wait to go, Cynthia!
I have a new netscape browser, so I might be visiting the blogsport and the website more often. I've got pictures and everything.
The mum-mum

annette said...

The blog and website look fantastic. I love the ladybugs!