Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Lakehouse

My dh, wonderful soul that he can be, recently rented me the dvd of The Lakehouse, with Sandra Bullock and Kenau Reeves. I loved the pair in Speed, and I'm a diehard Bullock fan. Reeves? Eh. He's hit or miss for me. Some of the stuff he's done is great -- others, not so great.

But The Lakehouse is one of his great ones -- at least I think so. This is a wonderful love story, the kind I love, because it brings out all sorts of baggage that the characters have been hauling around.

My dh tried to watch it ... but the format just was too much for him, and he couldn't get into the whole "two-times-existing-at-the-same-time" deal. Me, I'm much more forgiving about deals like that. As long as the universe you create follows the rules you've created, I'll go along with your premise.

Of course there were some weak points (ones that I won't share because of spoilers), but overall, the theme is one that I have always liked: it's the little decisions we make that bring us to the big ones. To follow a dog -- or not. To make a left-turn ... or not. To grab that extra cup of coffee, to choose that particular firm to do whatever professional service you require.

My own dh and I wound up together based on just such a small decision. My sister and I decided to eat lunch at a steak house. Yup. That's what ultimately led to three years of dating and a marriage that has lasted for nearly 16 years.

When we were leaving the restaurant, my sister ran into an old friend of hers -- who worked with my dh. My dh saw me, recognized me as a customer he'd always liked, and later that night (I kid you not) saw my picture in his local newspaper. With a little help from Ma Belle Detective Agency, he tracked me down, called me up and asked me for a date.

I said no ... but I just had to see this guy, this complete stranger, who'd called me up. So I went on a re-con mission to scout him out. He asked me again ... I said yes.

And the rest is history. See? A small decision ... my sister and I could have opted for McDonalds instead of the Western Sizzler. But maybe it was destiny, you know?


Cindy Miles said...

Oh, girl, I'm with you on this one. I LOVED The Lakehouse! Sandra B. is one of my all-time favorites, and I loved her and K. in Speed. They were great together in this movie, and I loved the two time periods weaved. Loved it!

Another movie to consider is Half Light, with Demi Moore. Especially if you like a touch of paranormal (there's a haunted lighthouse involved!!!). Demi plays an American mystery novelist living in London who tragically loses her 5 year old son to a drowning. Demi's best friend finds Demi (Rachel, in the movie) a secluded seaside cottage in the wilds of Scotland to recuperate, write, and to pull her life back together. It is GREAT! It made me want to book the next flight over and FIND THAT DARN COTTAGE! Lol! Actually, it was filmed on an island off the northern coast of Wales, but it has the same wild, wind and rain-blown effect.

Just to pass the word on!

Therese said...

Now I have two more movies to add to my list - TL and Half Light. Great post!

tammy said...

I've been wanting to see Lakehouse. Thanks for sharing. My daughter saw it - and didn't get it. Of course, she's 14, so that might say something. It's not a teenage girls and husbands kind of movie. That must mean you have to think a little? LOL. (kidding)