Monday, March 08, 2010

Today I Won't Even Try

I am a migraineur ... one of the 28 million or so Americans who suffer from migraines. Lucky for me, I (a) don't have them very often, and (b) have warning "auras" before the sledgehammer pain and acute light sensitivity kick in.

Unlucky for me, today is a migraine day. Actually, it's Day 2, and you know how sequels stink.

So I give you, from (WHY WON'T MY LINK THINGIE WORK TODAY OF ALL DAYS???!!!???), my best writing/life advice EVAH:


Tawna Fenske said...

Huge bummer on the migraine! I feel your pain.

Call me sometime and I'll walk you through links in blogger. Super easy, once you get the hang of it :)


Stephanie said...

Hope you're starting to feel better... sending you healing vibes :)