Monday, April 19, 2010

Life Interruptus

This weekend was a huge deal for me, day-job-wise (is that even a word?). It was the absolute do-or-die, must-pull-off biggest event of the year. I wound up with sore feet, sore arms, sore back, sore everything.

The blog? The Writing? The Kiddo? The Husband? All of the above went neglected while I tried to emulate a good duck: calm above water, paddling like mad underneath.

The weekend is over, and I'm considering getting all the people who helped me pull it off T-shirts that say, "I Survived!"

Tomorrow, I promise, I'll be back with my usual advice about writing. But until then, tell me, when do you think you'll be able to give up your day-job?


Jamie Burch said...

Congratulations on your event being a success! Hope you get a chance to rest and recover this week.

My job is very convenient because we're only open a few days a week and I can walk there. I'll definitely stick with it!

Take care...:)

Piedmont Writer said...

The fence posts are in and we are counting down to putting up the wire. (I don't have a real day job but I have some heavy duty 'chores' that need to be accomplished.)

Congratulations on your weekend success. Now take a rest and give your family a kiss.

Toby Speed said...

Oh gosh, my number one topic of daydreams. When I build up enough books and writing projects and good freelancing possibilities to tip the scales in favor of jumping off on my own. I'm using visualization and saying 2 years (ha!) Well, they say it works, so who am I to say nay?

Congrats on pulling off the weekend. Hope this week gives you a chance to recoup!

Angie Paxton said...

Congrats on making it through the weekend. Since my day job is little blond person who is soon to be joined by another little person with as of yet undetermined hair color, I don't imagine I'll be able to quit or even really get a day off for oh about twenty years or so.

Cynthia Reese said...

Jamie, I'd love to be able to walk to work ... eh, on second thought, maybe I wouldn't want to be THAT close, ha, ha! Maybe if they didn't KNOW I lived that close?

Anne, I could have surely used that strong back of yours and that can-do attitude Thursday night when my sister and I were stringing up yards of tulle! Tulle would have been nothing to you after fence posts ... your work ethic makes me feel like a lazy slug!

Toby, you and me both! I love my job, but I love writing more. Sigh. Two years would be great. Let me know if the visualization works!

Angie, you're so right about your job not getting over for another 20years. Of course, my dad would tell you differently, because I needed him to rescue me during my prep for this weekend ... and I'm 40!

Tawna Fenske said...

I'm so glad the event went well! Congrats!

Believe me, I've entertained the "quit the day job" scenario since I started writing fiction eight years ago. In a weird twist of fate, I was laid off in December, and then my agent landed me a three-book deal in February. While the advance isn't really in "quit the day job" territory, I don't have to worry about it right now since I no longer HAVE the day job. Funny the way things work out!


Jamie D. said...

I don't love my day job, but it will be awhile. Like the 5-10 year range, probably.

Which is kind of depressing to think about, really...and what drives me to keep moving forward, as quickly as possible, in hopes of potentially moving that time frame up. ;-)

Al said...

Duh! When my first novel becomes a mega-blockbuster.
Either that or when I win the lottery!


Publish or Perish

Cynthia Reese said...

Tawna, (((hugs))) on the job loss, but what great timing on that book deal!

Jaime, here's to you moving that five-to-ten-year plan into accelerated overdrive!

And Al, remember me when your ship comes in, okay? :-)