Friday, June 25, 2010

A few of my favorite things

Al at Publish or Perish gifted me with The Happiness 101 Blogging Award, and I'd promised today that I would share the 10 things that make me happy.

Thing #1) The Kiddo. I'd put a pix of her here, but she's already got to the stage where she rolls her eyes and says, "Don't, Mommy. No more pictures." She is the blessing I never expected, the sweetest, smartest child, my angel-baby.

Thing #2) The rest of my family -- including The Husband and The Sister and The Dad, in spite of the way they all think they know better than I what I need and what I want and what would make me happy. They nag because they care.

Thing #3) My house. Sure, it's 1,100 square feet with 3,300 square feet of clutter in it, but it's paid for and it's mine, and I get happy just looking at the stencil design I put up (not once but twice) in my living room. Navy blue over cheesecake yellow -- that makes me happy.

Thing #4) My pets, even if they do get into the most awful squabbles with each other.

Thing #5) Cooking with The Sister. I've loved team-cooking with her since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, and even now I like the way she makes a kitchen -- any kitchen -- a happy place.

Thing #5) A phone call from Tawna Fenske. There's just something so infectiously cheeful about the woman -- I can be in the dumps, and pronto, she gets me on a one-way rocket ticket outta there.

Thing #6) A phone call from the Toronto Twins -- that would be Nelsa Roberto and Stephanie Bose. No, they don't look a thing alike, but I can't think of one without the other after an RWA conference where we all roomed together.

Thing #7) Hearing little children sing in church. Can't explain the joy that brings to me, but it does. Any singing in church makes me happy, but still, the high mark is when I hear a group of children warble out a hymn.

Thing #8) Bantering back and forth with on Twitter. Girl's got a cool sense of humor!

Thing #9) Any call from my editor, especially ones with good news attached.

Thing #10) Writing. Okay, sometimes it makes me insane, but without it I'd ALWAYS be insane.


Kelly Breakey said...

Your posts ALWAYS make me smile.

Billy Coffey said...

That was really, really nice. Family, conversation, and writing. Those make me smile, too.

Julie Weathers said...

That's a nice list. It's good to think about what makes a person happy.

out of the wordwork said...

Aw, Cynthia! Thanks for putting me and the twin on your happy list. Friends really do make a difference in your life and I know I wouldn't be writing today without you and Stephanie's encouragement. Keep thinking happy thoughts, girl!

Tawna Fenske said...

So even those heavy-breathing phone calls make you happy? :)

Thanks for the mention. What a lovely list!


Al said...

Lovely list!
I have to confess that I didn't put Deb or the girls on my list because I always get "you used THAT photo?"

BillRicksofSoperton said...

I'm glad to make the list at #2. Your blog rocks.