Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What three words describe my soul?!

After a weekend of torment, I focused on counting my blessings ... like my wonderful surprise win of a new blog design from the uber-talented Tekeme Studios. I won it on Twitter, which has quick links to lots of great contests -- probably the reason I've won two things in as many days.

I was feeling all smug and satisfied that I didn't have to do any heavy lifting on the new blog design ... until Ashley with Tekeme sent me a questionnaire.

Then I realized, Gee, they can't read my mind. Which is actually good, because if they had read my mind, my upcoming new blog design would be blank as the proverbial slate.

Tekeme really puts effort into even a blog design. They want to know, for instance, what emotion I want people to feel upon seeing my blog, and what emotion I want people to feel as they leave my blog. They want to know, and boy, did this make me gulp, what three words describe my soul?

I would have never thought of asking those questions. But I'm having to dig for their answers now, and I know the design Tekeme comes up with will only be as good as the thought I put into this questionnaire.

My purpose with my blog has been to share a slice of my life with readers and fellow writers -- to let you know it's not all cake and ice cream, and that I'm as normal as the next gal. (Well, okay, normal as the next NUTTY gal, but let's not quibble.) But emotions? And boiling me down to three words is way tougher than writing a one-page synopsis!

So ... er ... Help!

For those of you who faithfully follow me, what emotion do you feel when you come to my blog? What do you feel when you leave? Obviously I'm sort of doing something right by y'all, and I'd like to continue that.

My website has been long overdue for an overhaul, but I've concentrated my efforts on my blog. Eventually (after I get through paying for dishwashers and iPods and birthday dinners and a slew of Taylor Swift songs for The Kiddo), I want my website to more closely resemble the upcoming (whatever magic Tekeme has wrought by then) blog design.

But I'm at a loss as to exactly what that design should look like. I know, I know, it should reflect ME. Still, who am I? I'm obviously the person whose voice comes across in these blog posts ... and yet, I have a sneaky suspicion that a picture of a woman wearing a half-dozen hats wouldn't exactly be a great visual.

So help me out. Tell it to me straight ... what three words describe the me you've met over the past few minutes/days/weeks/months/years?

Update on my ruined floor: It appears that while my insurance won't pay for the dishwasher as it was the guilty culprit, my insurance WILL pay for the flooring to be ripped out and replaced. Yay!


Piedmont Writer said...

What I want to know is, would the insurance company pay for ruined cabinets as well, if somehow my dishwasher, magically exploded?

As for your blog/website --

3 words to describe you -- warm, generous, regular-Joe (okay I cheated with the last one and make it regular-Jane) I'd also like to toss out there, you're very funny as well.

I'd also like to say I think of your color either as butter yellow, soft, mushy, muted sunshine OR cotton candy pink, all sweet sugary Southern charm.

Kelly Breakey said...
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Kelly Breakey said...

Asking us to pick the three words to describe you could be...well dangerous.

I always feel as if I just left my good friends house after sitting down to cookies and tea. And I always feel as if your posts are speaking directly to me. In the age of social media being about selling, I feel more as if we are having a conversation when I finish reading whatever tidbits you are sharing that day.

So my three words are:
Charming Southern Comfort

They describe you perfectly.

Linda G. said...

Teasing, kind, and funny. :)

Jamie D. said...

Three words for you...hmm - genuine, amusing, sincere. :-)

And congrats on insurance coming through for your floor, at least. Ouch!

Looking forward to seeing what design they come up with for you...

Cynthia Reese said...

Ahne, if it were an exploding gusher & you called it in immediately, yeah, they probably would.

And thank you -- btw, yellow is probably my all time fave color!

Kelly, as far as the dangerous part, I was well aware that Linda Grimes would probably be ... well, there she is!

Hi, Linda! My gracious! What nice things you had to say about me!

Jamie, I am SO looking forward to that new design!

Elizabeth Ryann said...

Thanks a lot for making me want some cake and ice cream. :)

Otherwise, I'd probably describe you as funny, warm, and energetic.

The energetic probably seems slightly odd, but you appear to always be engaged in a number of tasks at a time, and you bring a lot of energy to each. It's fun.

Mia said...

*Gulp* Wow, no pressure. Um, funny, kind, and encouraging. How is that? ;)

Julie Musil said...

I'm glad the insurance will pay for the floors!

Three words...I'd say generous, sweet, mellow. Plus, since you have the word "southern" on your page, I always feel like I'm reading words with a great accent!

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