Thursday, August 17, 2006

A bit of progress

Well, I'm in proud possession of another chapter of UP FROM ROCK BOTTOM, my current WIP. (Which is why I didn't blog last night -- I was all written out.) My usual pace is 10 pages a night -- which is also my usual chapter length, too. But what with school starting and The Call and the flurry of activity which has resulted from that, I've been more than a little ADD lately.

It was nice to get to the end of a chapter, and I know that eventually I'll be able to do that every night again. I feel more confident now about where this manuscriptis going.

I should really give myself a break. I know that. I've had a tumultous few weeks -- the RWA conference in July, The Call the next week, Kate's first day of kindergarten, our cat getting hurt. It's all been a bit much. And I don't do well with "a bit much" patches.

Things (if not my house) are getting back to normal (and my dear husband would say that the house is very much normal, if not neat, LOL). I'm finally mostly unpacked from conference and my editor hasn't called me back saying, "BIG JOKE! BIG, BIG JOKE!" Kate is doing well in school -- and Max is back home from the vet. He is not holding his, uhm, procedure against me, instead climbing up in my lap, turning on the purr motor and making me feel incredibly guilty.

And I've got a chapter done. Tonight, I'll write one more chapter. And the night after that, another chapter. Before I know it, I'll be typing THE END.

Which, besides "I love you!" or "Congratulations, you're the new Publisher's Clearinghouse winner!" or "I'd like to buy your book," are the most beautiful words in the English language.


Donna Alward said...

OMG Cynthia - are you sure we weren't cloned or something?

I understand every single one of your feelings. EVERY SINGLE ONE including the ADD and not doing well with those "patches".

Since we sold so close together we should chat more so we can panic and obsess together.


Cynthia Reese said...

I was thinking the very same thing! Thanks!