Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Little Princess Syndrome

All of us mommies who have little girls know about this -- well, I'm thinking that I must not be the only one. Most little girls do have their daddies wrapped around their finger, no?

I know Kate has her dad not just wrapped, but tied up with a bow. And for a guy who first thought adoption was cool because we could get a boy, he sure does love his little princess.

He tries so hard to shield her from the bumps and bruises of life. Take for instance, her first foray into team sports. Ah, soccer.

I had a feeling that I should have swapped off and let him go to the Parent's Night at her kindergarten, while I went to the soccer field. I came home to find that Kate had spent at most 15 minutes at practice before running up to her dad, tears streaming down her face.

Of course he took the little princess home, where he promptly let her sack out on the couch.

When I tried to delve deeper into this, all he could sputter was, "It was all BOYS! They had BOYS on her team."

He, who lives and breathes football and basketball and any other rough-and-tumble sport, thought soccer would be too much of a contact sport for his little Princess.

Kate, of course, was upset because of a different reason, one that I sussed out of her this morning.

"They wouldn't let me kick the ball, Mommy!"

Yup. Knowing that she'll have to compete against boys her whole life through, I'd say she needs to head right back out on the soccer field and figure out how to MAKE them let her kick the ball.

I'll bet she'll learn to do it in the best Little Princess style yet.

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Anonymous said...

I can soo picture that Cynthia. I have 3 boys and 1 girl. She loved soccer. She's too old for it this year, but my 7yo is getting ready to play.