Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Truth About Ladybugs

It occurred to me that perhaps I should explain about the ladybug in my banner.

I've always liked ladybugs -- what's not to like, right? They don't bite, spray or sting, which is the kind of bug you're hard-pressed to find in south Georgia where I live.

But I didn't love ladybugs until my dh and I were in midst of The Paperchase and The Wait for our daughter Kate. Kate was born in China, and we adopted her when she was 8 months old -- our Wait lasted about 18 months, so we were praying for her even before she was born.

When you don't have morning sickness or even a due date you can count on, people come up with some awfully strange superstitions. Somehow, some way, the folks on the APC (adoptive parents of Chinese children) Yahoo group came up with the idea that every time you saw a ladybug, referrals would soon follow -- somewhere, and soon, a mom would get The Call -- she would find out who and where her baby was.

So ladybugs became our mascot of sorts -- and to this day, when I see them, I smile and think, "Referrals!"

It's only fitting, since the book that garnered me another sort of The Call is about a couple going through their Wait for a baby from China, that I use ladybugs here, too.

So if you see a ladybug ... know that somewhere, and soon, some happy mom will get The Call that will change her life forever.


Tawna Fenske said...

As I rode my bike to work this morning, I noticed a ladybug stuck to my leg. He/she stayed with me for the whole 3.5 mile ride and flew away only as I walked through the door of my office (as any smart bug would do!) Here's hoping that's a good sign for SOMEONE out there! :)


Anonymous said...

I've always liked ladybugs, now I know why I guess. Did you use the whole ladybug idea in the book then - or do I have to read it to find out?

Cynthia Reese said...

Tammy, I DID use ladybugs in the book -- how can you write a book about Chinese adoption and not use ladybugs? ;-)

I used it as a symbol ... my lit teachers are dying now, because I was forevermore arguing as a student that writers really, really don't use symbolism in their writing ... well, ahem, they, do, too, so I hope the crow I'm served is nicely roasted.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Cynthia, I love that! Anna DeStefano used butteflies as her "author mascot" and now I will forever associate ladybugs with you. Very cute blog header you've got set up!

Another author and friend of mine, Julie Kenner, is waiting to adopt a little girl from China right now and I will think of her and cross my fingers every time I see a ladybug...