Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Need An MBA In The Business of Writing!

Yikes! This has been a week, all right! (Yes, I know it's only Tuesday!)

When I first started writing, I pictured a pubbed author's life kind of like the character Kathleen Turner played in "Romancing The Stone" (no, not the trek through the jungle with yummy Michael Douglas, but the first bit, where she's writing and sniffling all by her lonesome.) It would be a leisurely pace, writing away on my laptop, because publishing, everybody says, moves at a speed that makes glaciers look like they're on the Daytona 500.

Ha! Already this week, I have received a request for a three-paragraph synopsis of THE BABY WAIT (due this week) and a go-ahead to send a proposal on UP FROM ROCK BOTTOM, my current WIP. The synop is not due until Thursday, but I think I will get it in before that. I stayed up late last night to polish the proposal (and it's a fat proposal, since I'm sending all 189 pp of what I have so far), and get the final synop of UFRB written. It all winged its way to my lovely agent Miriam Kriss via cyberspace at midnight last night.

You see, I had to feed Kate, do kindergarten homework, and dunk her in the tub (plus copious amounts of story time) before I could get settled down on everything. Sleep? Who needs sleep? It's vastly over-rated.


Those are just my OFFICIAL assignments. Other stuff includes website worries -- why, oh, why didn't I tackle that one earlier? And then there's the prospect that my revisions for THE BABY WAIT are soon arriving. Plus, I dearly want to finish this WIP I'm on ...

You see ... (shame-faced), I have ANOTHER story idea.

That racket in the background? Well, that's my poor, long-suffering dh who is groaning loudly. As he says, "It's always another story, another deadline."

Maybe things will settle down soon, and I'll do better about blogging. No, I'll make that a promise -- I'll blog more regularly -- one day, soon, very soon. Just as soon as I get through this deadline.


Anonymous said...

Keeping fingers crossed for great news on the proposal. Great FAST news! I'm sure it will be perfect. And yeah, PLEASE blog. I need something to read when I'm procrastinating.

Cynthia Reese said...

Thanks, Tammy! Only, I don't need any more excuses to procrastinate!