Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Paroxysms of Paranoia

Okay, so I get the good news about my book on Friday. I should be deliriously happy, right? Floating on air?

But for the longest time, a lead balloon kept me tethered to the ground. I kept thinking ... What if you got the release date wrong? Wouldn't that be soo embarrassing?

I looked at those notes I scribbled during The Call a million times. Each time I looked, the ink had not changed. It still said, in blue ballpoint, April 2007.

Had to be a mistake. I have writer friends who have been waiting and waiting and waiting for a slot. So it must have been my wishful thinking or complete delusion or auditory hallucinations.

And ... ahem, if I got that wrong, what if I'd gotten the whole deal wrong?

I was ordered by more than one critique partner to get hold of myself and calm down. So, I screwed up my courage and I e-mailed my editor, and I asked the stupid question.

Luckily my editor knows a few things about the phenomenon of Book Brain. She was hugely gracious about it. Yup, the book is to be released in April of 2007. I even have my number! Wow! No official title yet, but that will come.

My dh is learning a few things about Book Brain, too. I attribute, gratefully, to a whole host of my shortcomings here lately to Book Brain: forgetting to register my five-year-old for her ballet class; forgetting to buy milk when we were down to droplets; forgetting to double-check my day-job's pay stub to see if there were any errors on my direct deposit. He's pretty accommodating now, but I have a feeling he's thinking the same things my critique partners have told me.

Get hold of yourself and calm down!


Anonymous said...

Book brain sounds kinda fun. :-) I have a slew of things that I'd like to blame on that eventually. Wonder if I can get away with that years after the fact?

I AM glad that you emailed the editor though. I think everybody goes through that stage where they doubt they heard right, they start doubting the whole sale. It's great to just email or call and double check and get the freaking out over it out of the way.

Now you just have all sorts of other freaking outs over things to look forward to. ;-) But it will be so much fun! Enjoy it!

April said...

Yay, you have a blog! When you sold, I thought... she needs a blog so I can go there and say yay!

Good luck with the book brain, you're doing great and it's well deserved!