Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sign of the Times

My hubby can be a sweetie -- and completely surprise me sometimes! Like yesterday, when Kate and I left open house and drove down Main Street ... there it was, big as life, a rental sign he'd put on display in a friend's front lawn.

On one side, he'd spelled out, "Congratulations, Cynthia Reese!"

And on the other, he'd wished good luck to Kate on her upcoming first day of Kindergarten.

It was definitely an awwww moment!

He gets impatient at times, with my seeming permanent attachment to my laptop and my undeniable addiction to the internet and the loops and boards I'm a part of (JUST a few dozen!) He worried about me this past year and a half, worried about my single-minded focus on writing. After all, I'd given up Law & Order AND CSI (and all their subsequent mutations) to pursue this -- this was a serious commitment!

He didn't want to be a wet blanket -- but he also didn't want to see me chasing after a pipe dream. My guy is a definite here-and-now kind of guy.

And speaking of Kate's Kindergarten Debut ... she did wonderfully ... but Mommy cried. I did manage to hide my tears until I was out the classroom door. This afternoon after school, she told me, "You know, I think I might go back there!"

Glad to hear that -- since tomorrow is another school day!


Stephanie Bose said...

How adorable! Now that's a keeper moment : )

April said...

Aww... How sweet. Both the sign and the first day. :-)

carolyn said...

Ihad one of your locals ask me what the congratulations to you were for re: the sign. She said,"That's great!" when I told her about your book.
Congratulations from me also!

Cynthia Reese said...

Thanks, guys -- I've had tons of people ask me if the sign meant I was pregnant! Nope ... not in the usual sense, but my book will be out in nine months!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've been so neck-deep in deadline I didn't even realize she'd started kindergarten already! Congrats to Mama and daughter for surviving :-) Since my four year old will miss the cut off date by a few weeks (for turning five) we don't have to go through that until next year.

LOL at your "baby" being out in nine months. I sold my first book to Harlequin (after a year's wait and some change) within weeks of having my first baby. At the GRW meeting that month, we concluded that the labor for the book was ridiculously long but at least the delivery was less painful *g*


MaryF said...

That's awesome, Cynthia!